January 2010 • Issue 144_

Reality Checking with Brent Raynes— Energy Fields, Trance States, Windows, and an Investigator’s Best Options

Archaeotrek with Dr. Greg Little— Spanish and French Forts & Mounds on the Mississippi River in Memphis, TN

Interview with Ghosthunter Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Fortean Investigator

Encounters with the Unknown—One of UFOlogy’s Most Bizarre MIB Encounters! by Brent Raynes

Atlantis Insider III-Caribbean City & Bimini by Dr. Greg Little

An Interview with Captain Jack Harris The Host of Paranormal Radio by Brent Raynes

Book Reviews— by Greg Little— Brent Raynes' On the Edge of Reality

Classic Mysteries: Once you’ve had the good fortune to actually see a spacecraft…you’ll never again doubt their existence

America's Top Ten Mounds by Dr. Greg Little

BadlandsRadio with Captain Jack


Divers hired to find Atlantis in Bahamas

Alleged underwater city in Caribbean? Is it a spoof?

In case you missed this bizarre item—Chinese archaeologists search for Atlantis in lake!