Number 100 • April 2006 • Issue 100

Reality Checking with Brent Raynes — 100th Issue of Alternate Perceptions!

Reflections on a 30+ Year UFO Hunt—In Honor of Brent Raynes' 100th Issue

Underwater Stone Formation At Bimini, Bahamas Reveals Its Secrets: Ancient Maritime Culture In Bahamas Confirmed by Dr. Greg Little

Free QuickTime Video Clips From the DVD Documentary: The Ancient Bimini Harbor

Interview with Dr. P.M.H. Atwater by Brent Raynes

An Interview with Denise Slater by Brent Raynes

Classic UFO Cases by Brent Raynes — The frightening attempted UFO abduction of Hermelindo da Silva—1976

Encounters with the Unknown: Memories of Alien Experiences by Aileen Garoutte

X-Sightings... UFO Reports

Book Review by Brent Raynes: The Phoenix Lights — DVD Review-Blue Stone Breathe

UFO, Atlantis, & Edgar Cayce Books & DVD s on the Search for Cayce's Yucatan Hall of Records and the ARE's Search for Atlantis

Alternate Perceptions Free Quicktime Video Clips

Interview with Dr. Greg Little on Mystery Planet (Spanish site), Click here then go to: Entrar (Enter) -> Entrevistas MP (MP's Interviews) -> Greg Little > English version